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We at tan offer the highest Quality services available. Come in and experience our high end and top of the line tanning beds, airbrush, spray tan booth and red light anti aging services.

We offer nothing like you've ever seen, our bulbs are of the highest quality in the industry. Our products are made specifically for your needs, our employees are trained to understand your every concern and goals and our prices are always competitive!

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Cocktail Tanning

Ready to turn up your tan? Take your tan up to another level!


What is it?

It's a combination of a sunbed session followed immediately by a UV-free VersaSpa spray tan.



UV light from a sunbed session produces melanin that reacts with the tanning ingredient DHA (dihydroxiacetone) found in the spray tan solution. Your sunbed session also opens up the pores in your skin allowing the spray tan solution to penetrate your skin.


The result?

This combination results in an even darker, deeper and longer lasting tan.

Cocktail Tanning Testimonials


"For the last few years I’ve always combined my spray tan with a sunbed session. The thing I notice most from tanning this way is how long my tan lasts for, which is always longer than just having a sunbed session or spray tan separately. Tan Cocktail Tanning pricing is also great value for money!" -Sarah W.


"I love the colour I get from cocktail tanning!! My tan lasts longer and I look so much more tanned!" – Katie C.


"I wish I knew about this a while ago. I would’ve tried the cocktail tan sooner! Love the natural brown colour" - Emili S.

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